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Professional Video Services

I specialize in wedding videography for ceremonies of all faiths.

Wedding Montage      Demo Videos:

                        Example #3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykqCBlpSYjI
                        Example #4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5pDua5rPmA

                        Example #5:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwm1DhkpFLI

                                Commercial / Business    Demo Videos:

                      Example #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMIo2KmYheY

                      Example #3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbGQY6bh-4o


                                       Performance Demo video:


Single and multiple camera recording and editing services
are also available for:

Photos Transferred to Video

A specialty service on its own or as a complement to any of the other services shown here (particularly "Memorials"). I professionally customize this process, checking each picture for focus, exposure and composition. I incorporate movement and creative transitions between pictures to keep these productions entertaining. Please also see the "Photos Transferred To Video" page for further details and pricing. You may also have heard this service referred to as a "slide show" or a "photo montage".
*** For more casual events or for purely archival needs, the process can be simplified and discounted.

Sport Video

This service can be provided for team sports or individual sports. The results can be used by coaches for training, by players and their families for fun viewing, or by college bound athletes wanting to send out examples of their particular strengths in certain events to aid in applications or receiving of scholarships, etc.. Whole seasons, specific games, or highlights videos can be recorded and edited.
*** Editing from footage you have taken can also be done

Plays, Recital Video, Other Performances

Recording these events can be tricky for the inexperienced. Changes in lighting can create exposure problems and getting quality audio from a seat in the audience can be nearly impossible with all of the background noises. I’ve created productions under various conditions and made keepsake videos that families and friends enjoyed thoroughly. Remote microphones and multiple angles enhance these videos.

Reunion, Anniversary, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Quincinerra and More!
Celebrations of all kinds & of all faiths!

Give the friends and relatives a break and allow them to enjoy the festivities by having a professional record these events for you. Consider adding photos transferred to video with music. You’ll be pleased with the sharp look. These productions are treasures for generations!


Often, at funerals and other memorial services, a selection of photos is displayed, showing many happy times in a person’s life. However, these photos can be wallet sized or smaller, making it difficult for some to see them clearly from any distance. With photos transferred to video, even a 13” screen enlarges these pictures to a more viewable size, not to mention “big screen” TVs. Add the appropriate music (your choice) to the photos and perhaps some old video footage, and a mournful atmosphere can be changed into one of fond memories and the celebrating of a life. Special sentiments can also be added with the use of titling.

Video Duplications

Copies can be made from and/or onto VHS, Super VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi 8mm, Digital 8, full size DV , mini DV, DVD, Blu-ray, & various computer formats.

*** Discs (DVD or Blu-ray) can be made from any of the services I provide or from your own homemade recordings.
Or, these videos can be uploaded to Youtube, etc. for you to share with anyone!

School Video

Productions for anything from preschools to colleges. Some of these videos have been used as fund raising tools, ("Day In The Life Of" type videos for preschools), generating profits through the sale of copies to families and friends.

Church Video

All faiths. Video is being used regularly at services to show community involvement projects of the congregation, upcoming events or highlights of past events. As with school functions, fund raising can be a great benefit from the sale of select video productions.

Family History or "Generations" Video

The elders of any family have so much to share with the generations that follow, but it is too often lost upon their passing. With a simple list of questions, information about both ancestors and experiences from times gone past can be handed down. A professional touch lends a great deal to the quality of the audio and the video, giving a clear memory of people and their recollections.

Deposition and Legal Video

Recording of formal depositions to be used for settlements or trials. Videos depicting the collection and arrangement of evidence to show damages, before and after effects, etc. Simple interviews recorded for reference sake.

Lectures / Seminars / Clinics / Marketing and Training Videos

Professional recordings of these events have technical advantages such as, remote microphones to provide clear audio of the speakers and multiple camera angles to avoid the “talking head” type video and improve attention to and retention of the material. The economics here are simple. You can avoid the great expense & loss of time & productivity of having a large number of people watch a single event (as they desperately struggle to absorb and retain all of the information), or you can have an interesting, professional video that can be viewed and reviewed by current and future personnel. The number of uses for video in business today are virtually limitless. There are many ways to make such videos interesting and engaging.

Inventory and Insurance Video

Document your belongings for insurance or estate purposes. You may want to narrate for these videos, describing valuables, etc.

Real Estate Video

Video "walkthroughs" with narration and/or music added for land, home, or business. Show the finest features of your real estate in a practical and convenient way to your prospective buyers while describing, for example, the benefits of the surrounding area, access to goods and services, etc. on the audio track. Possibly add old photos or video footage to show improvements.

Commercial Video / Corporate Video

“In house” or broadcast productions created for reasonable budgets. Consider the production of
point-of-sale marketing videos
to encourage impulse buys

Industrial Video

Equipment demonstrations, training, and safety procedure videos are just a few of the possible services.

Government Video

I have already done productions and multiple duplications for the Wisconsin DNR, Wisconsin Animal Health, and the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

You Name It, I’ll Record It

Professional Video can doubtless be used in many areas not listed here.
If you have a project in mind, call, and we’ll see what can be arranged.
Well reviewed and ranked on many video sites, including Yelp, often with the highest 5 star rating. My work is trending. The demo videos are trending. Traveling all over Wisconsin. No travel charges for much of Dane County and Columbia County. The work is even active on Twitter with a tweet here and a retweet there.

Contact me by call or text at: 608-635-4709 or


Calls and texts from 8:00 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. only, please.

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