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Wedding Montage Demo Videos:

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Photos to video can be used for so many special occasions or as a gift idea. It provides a wonderfully entertaining display to show at anniversaries, graduations, etc. You may have heard it referred to as a slide show or photo montage. I wanted to give it a page of its own to show differences between my services and what you might find elsewhere.

Plainly stated, my work is customized …manually! I monitor each photo for focus, exposure and composition. I can also provide digital restoration for your photos. The feature that makes these videos so attractive, is being able to personalize them with music suited to the photos. Titling can also be added, and I can intermix older video footage, if requested. The style I use is intended to maintain interest and entertainment. Combining complimentary and contrasting transitions between photos and using movement goes a long way toward achieving that goal.
*** For more casual events or for purely archival needs, the process can be simplified and discounted.

For businesses , the process can be enhanced by including narration alone or with music over the photos for: demonstrations, proposals, before and after videos of construction, remodeling, etc., staff appreciation, award ceremonies, and, of course, videos showing the products and/or services you wish to sell, which could "loop" and show repeatedly in a waiting room or display area of your business, generating those great impulse buys ...to name only a few uses.

Although this type of service has many applications, I cannot say enough for its use in memorials . The showing of memorable moments from the lives of lost loved ones, with the music they loved playing in the background. Friends and family, at these difficult times, find solace in the sharing of such fond memories of a life well lived. When availability permits, many such productions can be finished with very little notice and, with rush shipping, can be turned around and returned to you promptly. Please contact me for pricing or for any other questions you might have.

If you want to provide the music, it is essential that you call me prior to shipping it with your photos. This is the most commonly misunderstood portion of the video and needs special explanation and arrangement.

Contact me by call or text at: 608-635-4709 or  jv@audiovideoenterprises.com

Calls and texts from 8:00 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. only, please.

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