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Why Hire a Professional Videographer?

Wedding Montage      Demo Videos:

                        Example #3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykqCBlpSYjI

                        Example #4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5pDua5rPmA

                        Example #5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwm1DhkpFLI

Commercial / Business      Demo Video:

                      Example #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMIo2KmYheY

                      Example #3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbGQY6bh-4o

                                       Performance Demo video:


Video does a better job of capturing action!

How often during your event will the actions be most important?

  • Vows?
  • Candle lighting?
  • Applause?
  • Speeches?
  • Guest messages?
  • Dancing?
  • And, of course, all the wonderful sounds that go with all of these?

To see the results of a national poll on the importance of wedding video, scroll to the bottom of this page. Those opinions also apply to all events and performances.

With video , you’ll hear the laughing, you’ll get the sounds and all the moves of those dances, and you may even fight back a tear or two at the recording of that heartfelt toast. Add to this the fact that impressive pictures and other items such as mouse pads, calendars and tee shirt designs can be created from Digital freeze frames of video footage. All it takes is a pause button... and don't even get me started on the fun to be had with the slow motion buttons (forward & backward). Photography is a very worthwhile service and experienced photographers do a great job of capturing a moment, particularly a posed moment. But imagine what the continuous pictures and sounds of your video will mean to you, especially those uninhibited and impulsive actions that moved too wildly and quickly for a photo. A great videographer is inconspicuous, respecting the formality of the occasion, but still capturing spontaneous moments from guests who don't even know that they are being recorded. Please keep this in mind when prioritizing the hiring of your services.

Photography has long enjoyed the first priority in the hiring for special occasion services. But, compare for yourself…

A photo can’t capture a well delivered, emotional toast. A still camera won’t convey the first song you danced to or how the two of you moved to its melody. And, a photographer can’t create a picture of the sounds of laughter.

Money & Budgeting... What do you want to prioritize?

Videography services are too often considered at the last moment, or unnecessary altogether... particularly near the end of an already stretched budget. If I could offer one suggestion on this topic, it would be to really take some time before hiring any services, to consider which are the most important to you. Some things need to be taken care of as soon as you've chosen a date, but the things that will make your event unique deserve special attention. The video portion of your budget is money very, very well spent. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

Set or customized packages from $200 - $5,000 and beyond are available.

I truly believe that a great video is priceless and easily as important as any other service that you can hire for your special events. My clients would agree. So, whether you are shopping early or late, consider the following... flowers, cakes, meals, music, formal wear, etc. are all very important. You spend a great deal of time and effort planning for them but, as soon as your event passes (and they do go past quickly!), even the finest qualities of these services become only pleasant memories. Help preserve those memories with a professionally produced video. It will deliver the warmth and affection of the entire occasion (perhaps even some of it that you didn't get to experience that day) to show, enjoy and relive for years to come...and for generations to come!

It can also be the gift that keeps giving with a wealth of future special occasion gifts.

Imagine giving a calendar on an anniversary with one of twelve digitally frozen highlight moments from your wedding as the background for each month of the year. Other special holidays could be enhanced with enlarged prints made from touching or humorous moments of your video that were not captured in your photos.

Don't just prioritize your event services the same way your parents did. Try to keep in mind what today's services have to offer... and which are fleeting, and which are lasting.

Technically speaking, having appropriate equipment and the knowledge of its proper use avoids the fuzzy and shaky, hand-held, amateur videos.

I use digital recording, tripods, remote microphones, extra lighting (if necessary or requested), back-up power and equipment, and, of course digital editing to smoothly put everything together. My packages also include (or offer) a variety of other services, such as; photos transferred to video with added music, arrangement of a projector for such "slide shows", additional camera operators, and much more.

SENSATIONAL, BIG SCREEN VIDEO DISPLAYS (with projector) of edited wedding day highlights to entertain reception guests, brides and grooms telling their own romantic tales in a variety of styles, customized titling, rehearsal footage, copies, and more. DVDs, Blu-rays and other high def formats are also available. Your video can also be uploaded to Youtube, etc. for sharing with anyone!

Please see the "Event Video Services" page to see some of the other types of productions that I do.

Think a family member or a hobbyist can do the job?

Recording any major event carries a lot of responsibility. Friends or relatives may have the best of intentions, but may still miss important elements of your special occasion while visiting with other guests. They may incorrectly gauge focus or exposure under many unforeseen circumstances. They may even suffer something as simple as running out of battery power or have a malfunction that renders their one camcorder useless. This can lead to harsh feelings within families or between friends. Is it worth it? Video professionals are hired for both their superior equipment and their undistracted expertise.

Remember, someday, your kids are going to want to see these events in their family's history. Make sure they can watch them without the dreaded "shaky cam" headache of amateur video.

I’m there to work, undistracted, for you.

Regarding wedding and reception videography, the points above are doubly important. Emphasis needs to be focused on capturing the spirit of the whole day, especially the vows (sounds as well as sights), kisses, glances, toasts, laughter, dances, etc. Virtually no one would consider not hiring a photographer and yet I've heard responses to wedding video services such as... "We've decided not to." or "We don't need video, we have a photographer." or even "We're just going to have someone in the family do it." These kinds of decisions can lead to regret, as demonstrated by the responses in the poll shown below.

More and more of my clients and their guests are coming up to me to say how important their video investment was and how much they love watching it on anniversaries or whenever they feel like reliving the day. Don't let the regret of not using a professional diminish your memories of once in a lifetime events . The technology to beautifully capture actions is here!

National Poll:

Take it from those who have already been there:

According to a one-of-a-kind nationwide survey, commissioned by WEVA ( Wedding & Event Videography Association, the largest non-profit trade association for professional videographers) which asked women to weigh in on the value of wedding videos:

  • *98 percent of newlyweds recommend that brides have their weddings recorded on video.
  • *Brides can sometimes undervalue video until after the wedding. Before the wedding, 52 percent of brides consider video a “Top 10” service. After the wedding, 75 percent of brides consider video a “Top 10” service. Often, because the wedding day goes past so quickly and a pro video can let you relive the whole event.
  • *38 percent of brides did not have their wedding videotaped by anyone.
  • *68 percent now either somewhat or strongly recommend that future brides hire a professional videographer.
  • *98 percent of brides surveyed used the services of a professional photographer.
  • *29 percent of brides surveyed used the services of a professional videographer.
  • Those who used both agreed that video does a better job of…
    1) capturing the emotions of the day
    2) recording the history of the day
    3) creating a visual memory that future generations would enjoy more.
  • When asked, "If you had a choice between looking at your grandparents’ wedding photos or their wedding video, which would you choose?"
    61 percent of brides said they would rather see the video.

Videography is a unique and essential service.
In fact, given the times we live in, with fast paced uploads and downloads of Youtube videos and everyone sharing videos of their own lives, you might say that professional video has become more important than photography. And, as the technology evolves, this will become even more true. Imagine how you might be able to enhance your videos in the future, perhaps changing your professionally recorded videos into 3D or Hologram technology.

Great quality video is the service for all your big events!

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